Affordability: We will position our programs and performances so they are accessible to all.

Access: We will serve as a 

Jakespeare VTC

Colored Theatre Lights
Our Mission:

The mission of Jakespeare Virtual Theatre Company LLC is to increase accessibility to theatre arts in the Central Massachusetts area and beyond by providing theatre performance opportunities and education programs within a fully virtual environment.

Our Vision:

JVTC will be the leader in virtual theatre programing.

Our Values:

Affordability: We will position our programs and performances to be accessible to all.

Accessibility: We will provide opportunities to people who do not, or cannot, access in-person theatrical opportunities.

Innovation: We will use the latest streaming and broadcasting technology to provide immersive and exciting theatrical productions.

Opportunities: We will present opportunities for artists to practice and sharpen their craft.

Our Story:

This company began in the spring of 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown, under the name of Intermittent Theatre Company. Then, as now, we were meant as a way to provide theatrical productions while in-person playhouses were closed. 

With the closures being less intermittent than we had hoped, Jakespeare VTC was our next evolution: a permanent presence for the new evolution of theatre -- virtual! 

One thing hasn't changed, though: while we may not be in the same room, theatre lives on -- online!