The Extraordinary Adventures of Arsene Lupin:
The Radio Plays

#1: The Arrest of Arsene Lupin

A trans-Atlantic steamer is no pleasure cruise when rumor spreads that the gentleman-burglar, Arsene Lupin, is aboard. Soon, precious jewels are stolen, and no one can trust each other. Will they discover who he is before they reach Manhattan, or is Lupin one step ahead?

Adapted, Edited, and Directed by:

Jake Lewis

Based upon the short story by:

Maurice LeBlanc

Exclusive to Jakespeare Virtual Theatre Company

arrest of arsene.png
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The Cast (in order of appearance):

Radio Announcer: Stephanie Wolfe

Bernard D'Andrezy: Russell Gold

Telegraph Operator: Bryan Butters

Ship's Officer: Bryan Butters

Passenger 1: Lisa Rosado Rivera

Passenger 2: Catherine Campbell

Passenger 3: Johanna Wald

M. Rivolta: Jake Lewis

M. Rozaine: Tim Daughters

Miss Nelly Underdown: Samantha Chapman

Mme. Jerland: Stephanie Wolfe

Detective Justin Ganimard: Mark O'Donnell

The Stranger: Lec Zorn