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Membership Fee

All you need to know about Jakespeare VTC's membership fee.

Why do you have actors pay to do your shows?

Many community theatres institute a membership fee, often much more than ours (since they have a physical space to perform in) but for the same reasons:

The cost of producing quality theatre has been, and continues to be, beyond many community groups' reach.

Instead of shutting our virtual doors (or maybe its windows?) in the face of this obstacle, since that would benefit no one, we instead ask for a small contribution from our actors only when there are royalties/license fees required to do a production. (In other words, if a play is done from the public domain, or is an original work, we do not ask for actors to pay this fee.)

This is a yearly fee; once paid, you will not be asked to pay for it again if you appear in subsequent productions within the same calendar year. Should you be in the cast of a show in later seasons, you will be asked to pay for the membership fee again for that season.

Some of the costs for each production include:

  • Streaming fees for both performances and rehearsals

  • Scripts

  • Props and costumes

  • Advertising

  • Royalty and license fees

  • Director payment

  • Music and effects that are required with certain productions

And that's not counting the costs associated with the daily operations of the group!

This membership fee is only a small portion of the cost of a show (approximately 5%), with the rest of the balance (hopefully) made by ticket sales and donations. However, we have found that membership fees also result in retaining actors who take the work of a producing a show seriously, as they have invested in it as well.

Our members receive additional bonuses from this fee too:

  • A physical copy of the script for the show they are in (if available)

  • One free ticket to use at a show of their choosing anytime during the season (which can be transferred to a family or friend to use instead)​

  • A 10% discount on all other tickets, classes, or merchandise when offered

  • Inclusion in the season-selection process of upcoming productions

  • And more!

We understand some actors may be unable to pay this membership fee due to their financial situation, but we are occasionally able to cover that cost, thanks to the actors who have been able to do it. Our online community of actors is one of paying it forward so that we can all continue to have community, virtual theatre!

Thank you again for your support!

Theatrically yours,

Jake Lewis

Jakespeare VTC founder