The Extraordinary Adventures of Arsene Lupin:
The Radio Plays

#5: The Queen's Necklace

In the French countryside home of the Count and Countess Dreux-Soubise, a priceless diamond necklace has gone missing! The main suspect is Henriette, the childhood best friend and lady's maid to the Countess. But would a lifelong friend steal the legendary jewelry, or could someone with another connection to the family be to blame? 

Adapted and directed by Jake Lewis 

Based upon the short story by: Maurice LeBlanc

Exclusive to Jakespeare Virtual Theatre Company

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The Cast (in order of appearance):

Radio Announcer: Stephanie Wolfe

Countess: Cathy Campbell

Count: Tim Daughters

Henriette: Lisa Rosado-Rivera

Valorbe: J.D. McElligott

Servant 1: Samantha Chapman

Servant 2: Nika Shakhmuradova

Rouzieres: Simon Marwood

Essaville: Stefan Von Blon

Bochas: Daric Delfino

Floriani: Sven Wiberg

Ganimard: Mark O'Donnell