The Extraordinary Adventures of Arsene Lupin:
The Radio Plays

#4: The Mysterious Traveler

Two passengers on a train have been accosted and robbed, leaving them to think that Arsene Lupin -- recently-escaped convict from The Sante Prison -- is aboard. Is the mysterious traveler really the gentleman burglar, or ​just an imposter? Only one man knows the truth -- Lupin himself!

Adapted by Jake Lewis and David Lipschutz

Directed by: Jake Lewis

Based upon the short story by: Maurice LeBlanc

Exclusive to Jakespeare Virtual Theatre Company

mysterious traveler.png

The Cast (in order of appearance):

Radio Announcer: Stephanie Wolfe

Madame Renaud: Chelsea Cook

Berlat: Sven Wiberg

Monsieur Renaud: Jake Lewis

Traveler: David Lee Hawks

Commissary: Juan Hernandez

Delivet: Jess Labbe

Massol: DeBorah Elizabeth

Ganimard: Mark O'Donnell